Reach Out. Check In. Save A Life.

La Frontera Arizona · EMPACT Suicide Prevention Center

Reach Out. Check In.

Life can be challenging.
For veterans. For anyone.

On any given day, a veteran, or anyone in fact, can feel overwhelmed as he or she attempts to balance work, family, and the pressures of life. For a veteran, these pressures often include substance abuse, relationship issues, serious post-traumatic stress disorders, hopelessness even thoughts of suicide. They, and any one, can feel isolated, alone, depressed.

The Reach Out. Check In. Save a Life. campaign encourages individuals to be more active in caring about and maintaining contact with others, even on a casual basis:

  • a phone call to catch up with a platoon buddy.
  • a cup of coffee with a colleague.
  • a ballgame with a friend.
  • a walk in the park with a family member.
  • even just saying “Hello!” or “How are you doing?” to someone you pass in the hall, or the street.

By recognizing that even the smallest gesture can have a big impact, we can reduce substance abuse, diffuse domestic violence, or give hope to a depressed and troubled veteran. We can even literally save a life.

Reach Out. Check In.
And maybe, you’ll help save a life.

La Frontera Arizona

An Initiative of La Frontera Arizona in partnership with the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services.

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